Finding the optimal route for a transmission line requires understanding local issues and considering a variety of factors. Clean Line has spent years meeting with landowners, government agencies, conservation and agricultural organizations, elected officials and other community leaders to discuss routing options. We have spent hundreds of hours analyzing computer data and have driven thousands of miles across the project area to better understand potential routing opportunities and constraints.
Our evaluation included a review of potential impacts to residences, agricultural land, state and federal lands, recreational areas, water resources, known cultural resources, sensitive habitats, protected species, and many other factors.

The ROUTing process takes into consideration:

  • Residences
  • Agricultural land use
  • Airports/airstrips
  • Sensitive habitats & protected species
  • State and federal lands
  • Recreational areas
  • Water resources
  • Known cultural resources
  • Schools, churches, and cemeteries
  • Engineering considerations
  • Community feedback
  • Government and conservation agency feedback
  • Stakeholder feedback
  • Legal requirements
  • and other factors


During the routing process, we held hundreds of meetings throughout Iowa and Illinois to introduce the project and seek feedback. We used the information we collected from these meetings, and the routing criteria listed above to develop the route for the Rock Island Clean Line. Starting with a broad geographical area, this information helped to eliminate potential routes that did not meet our routing criteria. Eventually, we were able to narrow our potential routes into one preferred route.  

Click here to view the comprehensive routing study which describes the Illinois routing process.

For a graphic explaining the route development process, click on the states below.



To learn more about the preferred route for the Rock Island Clean Line please click here.


If you would like to speak to a project representative regarding the proposed route across a specific area or parcel, or to discuss a routing adjustment, please contact Contract Land Staff toll-free at                     (855) 466-1009 or email